Types of Garages

The garage is the best place to cover to store automobiles. It is also known as a carport, at least in the center of the country, you how do you say? … Regularly, the garages have sliding or raised doors, but there are also open, is valid any design and size, depending on of budget and space. Also, there are those that are really different and original to the designs of garages that we are accustomed to seeing daily or those that are not only used to store the car but also as a workshop, storage place or exercise area.

types of garages

It does not matter how your car is or how much you drive it because when it comes time to finish the day and reach the house, chances are you do not want to leave your “little jewel” unprotected in the open. The garage is one of the spaces that does not always have the leading role that deserves, but that must have certain key aspects, from the size to the type of floor, to keep your car safe and sound.

Here are some inspiring ideas that will help you design or remodel your garage.

1. The Always Functional Shed

Whether with wood or metal structure, sheds are a good option when you are trying to protect your car from the weather without spending much money or making a big extension. In addition, being open structures, space is larger.

2. Connected to the House

If you do not want to install a shed, you can either have a garage that connects to your kitchen or other areas of your home, the point is that you have a closed and safe place to store your car. Among the advantages of this option is that depending on the size of your garage, you can also use it as a small hold or build a workshop.

3. Closed and Independent

This is a version that is in the middle of the shed and the garage connected with the house, with the best of both options. This alternative protects the weather better than a shed, with walls and roof that protect it from the weather.

4. Semi-Finished Made of Stone

Embracing a rustic but also modern style, this type of garage can be closed, detached or connected with the house. Some are built in blocks, but the stone coating cannot be missing.

5. With Super Lighting

Although not all types of garages need a door, it is clear that some like the closed, either connected with the house or independent of the one, they do need one. Here you will have to evaluate the comfort, but also how much you are willing to spend because there are several options, from the simplest to the advanced technology.

When it comes to comfort, the automatic doors that open vertically upwards are ideal, as they allow taking more advantage of the space.