How to Organize Your Garage

That typical garage that we do not use to store the vehicle and that we fill with all kinds of gadgets, furniture, boxes, toys, old bikes, books, lamps, and a whole myriad of tools and parts of something we never knew what it was. It is time to organize the garage we use as a storage room and get more benefit.

That garage we always think of ordering, placing, and cleaning and are left there forgotten. Let’s get down to work and leave it as a true exhibition. The truth is that there are really good, people get rid of things that do not serve them, sometimes new. When they are expensive urbanizations, the clientele arrives from other parts of the city because they know that they will find very good things at prices of laughter. It is a weekend activity, very fun where you bargain for prices and you always take something you did not need. Well, that’s the first thing we’re going to do, get everything out of the garage, everything.

how to organize your garage

We put it in two blocks which we know is useless and what can be useful. In the first attack we throw everything that is garbage, which is half bad, can be left in white points for collection, but think, if there is something that has not been seen for more than a year, it is not useful. You have to thoroughly clean the whole garage, it is best to do it in good time and give it with the hose to remove all dust, sawdust and rust and mold. If possible, a handful of white paint passes; it would not hurt at all.

You can buy special shelves to organize all kinds of things, are special for storerooms and garages, very easy to assemble, have them in white, metal or different materials, but always as functional as possible. Arrange to leave in the lower part more breadth to be able to store the bigger and heavier things down. Also, the stores have boxes of plastic in all the sizes, but for economy, you can use of cardboard.

Ways to Organize Your Garage

1. It uses resin cabinets: They are lightweight, resistant to humidity and have some difficulty in assembly, especially in those with plastic tabs that need to be assembled with care.

2. Uses shelves: They are very versatile and allow to make the most of the available space. They are resistant to humidity and are easier to assemble than cabinets, depending on the material they are made of

3. Use metal cabinets: They are a very interesting solution if we have a parking space with very little space available to maneuver. Basically, it consists of a cabinet of 2 m wide that has legs that allow parking the car under the own closet. Due to its large capacity, you can store large items such as bicycles or snowboards.

4. Uses bicycle stands: They can be hung from the wall or ceiling depending on the height of the garage. If you want to hang the bicycle from the wall, you must keep in mind that there are fixed and folding supports. The latter is interesting for places where we will not have the bike permanently, as a second residence.