Essentials of a Garage Party

A separate garage can be a great help when it comes to parties. The garages are usually more soundproof than the rest of the house, so if you wish, you can put music and raise your voice without fear of disturbing the neighbors too much. You can also simplify the cleaning after the party, because focusing on a single room will be easier and if it gets dirty the floor will not taste as bad as if it dirties the rest of the house. With some cheap purchases and some items you already have at home, you can transform any garage into a great party room.

garage party

Transform the Garage Into a Party Room

For starters, your first task would be to clean it so no one gets stained with grease or oil from the car. If there is not going to be children at the party, sweeping and scrubbing a little will be enough, but if there are children, you know that they touch everything, so you should clean it well.

It empties and orders everything that can hurt a person. Organize everything to have more space; you can heap on what you will not use on one side of the garage. Leave the furniture that your guests will use, such as chairs, tables, lamps, etc. Make sure you have as many chairs as guests; no one likes to stand while others rest. If you have a table, for example of ping pong, you can use it to put the food and snacks on top.

Establish a Music System

Depending on the size of the garage with a radio you can have enough if all you want is to cool a little. But if you want to make it more professional you can connect your mobile or tablet to a few speakers, or use a computer, creating a list with your favorite songs. Use a volume that does not disturb the neighbors, thus avoiding problems.

Decide Which Lighting to Use

ballroom. Use Christmas lights, some old lamps, buy colored bulbs and lanterns. Flashlights can also give a creative touch. If you do not want to complicate and your garage is well decorated, with the light of the garage you can have enough.

Hang decorative items such as a disco ball, garlands, balloons, and flowers, in short, anything that happens. If the party is about a particular theme, you will have to use a decoration related to the theme. For example, if it’s a Mexican party or for some Mexican, you can wear hats and maracas. If the party is beach, you can stick fringed strips around the edges of the tables, or put some palm trees on the walls, it will all depend on your creativity and the time you have for the organization.Use plates and plastic cups, so you will not worry that they will break, and you will go faster when cleaning.Now only the snacks, the drinks, and the guests are missing. Enjoy your party!